Anyone else seeing 333?

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Anyone else seeing 333?

Post  isee333 on Sat Mar 24, 2012 8:41 am

I've been seeing this number every single day often several times a day for the past 4-5 years. I'm not exagerating either! EVERY SINGLE DAY! I've tried to find out what this means but there are several different opinions about it. Maybe it has multiple meanings. So all the opinions may be right in its own way IDK but it cant be coincidence that I see that number as often as I do. Anyone else see 333 frequently? I've heard it means truth, a msg from angels, triunity law, 3rd force something or other. and others I cant recall atm.

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333 -it used to haunt me

Post  radical redbird on Sun Jun 16, 2013 3:10 pm

Hi there... As with all things in life which I tend to find interesting or meaningful, I just accidently ended up here... I was particularly drawn to your posting... I'd like to tell you a true story which happened to me... In 2000 I met my ex husband at an after hours club where I worked... The name of the club was  "The Solutions" but alot of people called it the 333 because it was located in a giant warehouse with a huge 333 painted on the side door... Anyhow... My ex husband ended up proposing to me... And the question came up of when we should set the date... Despite all of the things I had read which seemed totally negative, I went with the fact that the number held special meaning and significant symbolism to me... And yes, I was married on 03/03/03... When I discovered my ex best girlfriend was sleeping with my ex husband I was pretty devastated.;.. I remember one call that came in on the caller id. at yes....333 pm... The strangest thing to me me was this: when we filed for a divorce in my state, it cost exactly 3 hundred and 33 dollars. EXACTLY... I used to see the number 333 all of the time.. I was informed I needed to release the power that I had given this number... And its true, as I have gradually released it, I have gradually seen less and less of it... Anyhow, I hope you find some interest in this story and I wish you all the best the universe has to offer...


and p,s ,

I have had a very CLOSE and personal encounter with an unexplained ball of flames hovering over the ocean and then going straight down behind a tree line and seemingly into the sea all without making a small bit of sound... also I experienced my body vibrating, panic - or sheer terror, as well as missing time... All shared with another person on a camping trip when I was a young teen... 

I dont know who my father is and my mother isnt exactly sure.. But I do know she was in the military and had me at a military hospital in the same week as when the worlds first test tube baby was supposedly born,. this could have little or no significance to you or it could be just the opposite...all the same I decided to share,...


Ive also had other strange occurrences in my life
radical redbird

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